Radha’s Prayer

The Mother’s words in the form of Radha’s Prayer:

radhasrikrishnaO Thou whom at first sight I knew for the Lord of my being and my God, receive my offering.

 Thine are all my thoughts, all my emotions, all the sentiments of my heart, all my sensations, all the movements of my life, each cell of my body, each drop of my blood.

I am absolutely and altogether Thine, Thine without reserve.

What Thou wilt of me, that I shall be. Whether Thou choosest for me life or death, happiness or sorrow, pleasure or suffering, all that comes to me from Thee will be welcome.

Each one of Thy gifts will be always for me a gift divine bringing with it the supreme Felicity.

Contributed by: Harshitha, Youth Group Member

The Mother said:       Love divine gives itself and asks for nothing consciously it endeavours to realise in them that which is its eternal aim it is, in its pure movement, the seeking for union of the self with the Divine, a seeking absolute and regardless of all other things.

Meerabai and Radha had all the qualities mentioned above and many more. They completely lost themselves and saw Krishna in everyone and everything they came into contact with. Sri Aurobindo also had this experience when he was in goal, and he saw Krishna everywhere around him.

 The Mother’s body has participated as much as her soul in this constant aspiration for and surrender to the Divine. Her Prayers are clear indications that the aspiration of her body and, in fact, of her whole physical consciousness has been even greater than that of her soul and that   she had already realized a complete and constant inner union with the Divine very early in life and that her subsequent aspiration and endeavor have been to realize an equally complete and constant union in her physical consciousness and outer life.

In the Prayer of Nov 19,1912—this is the year with which the “Prayers and Meditations” begins—she says : ” I said yesterday to that English man who is seeking for Thee with so sincere a desire, that I had definitively found Thee, that the Union was constant.” But this is not the union to satisfy the Mother’s whole being. She starts with this union as the base, but for the immense spiritual structure she has to rear upon it, much greater conquests have to be made, a more integral union has to be attained. So, not content with this union, she says, “Yet I know that this state of union is poor and precarious compared with that which it will become possible for me to realize tomorrow.” Again, in the Prayer of May 16, 1914, the Mother says, “Now I clearly understand that union with Thee is not an end to be pursued, so far as this present individuality is concerned; it is a fact accomplished long since. And that is why Thou seemest to tell me always: ‘Do not revel in the ecstatic contemplation of this union, fulfil the mission I have confided to thee on the earth’

This is a point of capital importance inasmuch as it affords the right perspective to the tremendous significance of the Mother’s life-work. Not union only in the depths of her being, which is the common objective of all mystics, but union even in the outermost nature, and a complete possession and government of the whole being by the divine Love, so that the divine Will, realized by the Mother in her union with the Eternal, may fulfil itself in her terrestrial existence. But what is this divine Will in regard to the Mother ? “To be the Life in all material forms, the Thought organizing and using this Life in all .forms, the Love enlarging, enlightening, intensifying, uniting all the divers elements of this Thought, and thus by a total identification with the manifested world, to be able to intervene with all power in its transformation. On the other hand, by a perfect surrender to the Supreme Principle, to become conscious of the Truth and the eternal Will which manifests it. By this identification, becoming the faithful servant and sure intermediary of the divine Will, and uniting this conscious identification of the Principle with the conscious identification of the becoming, to mould and model consciously the love, mind and life of the becoming according to the Law of Truth of the Principle. It is thus that the individual being can be the conscious intermediary between the absolute Truth and the manifested universe, and intervene in the slow and uncertain advance of the Yoga of Nature in order to give it the swift, intense and sure character of the divine Yoga.”

A colossal work, well-nigh staggering to our timid and tethered intelligence ! Our imagination faints before the vastness and complexity of its conception, and yet something in us, awed and attracted, pledges to it its eternal adhesion and loyalty.

This, then, has been the sole aspiration of the Mother’s whole being : to realize an integral union with the Integral Divine and become the conscious intermediary between Him and the material world, so that His unflawed manifestation may be possible in transformed human nature. Divine manifestation can, therefore, be said to be the core of her mission in this life.

Prayers and Meditations of the Mother — May 24, 1915.

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