bothSmlOur purpose is to bring together people from all over the world who believe that man has a great and glorious dest-iny, that life can be transformed and made much more beautiful, harmonious and fulfilling and who would like to work together for realising this ideal.

We welcome you to the Sri Aurobindo Center, Musheerabad X Roads, Hyderabad which was founded in 1972 by Dadaji, a direct disciple of Sri Aurobindo and a Sanskrit scholar. Our center provides the ambience and facilitates spreading the teachings and messages of Sri Aurobindo & The Mother and aspires to inspire people to grow Spiritually and come closer towards the divine. The activities at the center include weekly sessions for youth & others, collective meditation, Darshan Day programs, conducting workshops for youth and hosting of cultural events. We offer a library, a meditation room, a Sales Section where you can buy books,incense, photos & other miscellaneous items procured from Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry.