Auroville, Pondicherry

MAtriMandir1“Auroville wants to be a universal town where men and women of all countries are able to live in peace and progressive harmony above all creeds, all politics and all nationalities. The purpose of Auroville is to realise human unity.”

The Past. The Beginning. Auroville 1968:
If there is a blueprint for the future of mankind, perhaps some attention should be given to a social experiment, 40 MAtriMandiryears in the making, in the small community of Auroville, India. Cracked earth and a hot dry wind are all that exist on a 2-kilometer square patch of barren desert near the southeastern coastline of India; a fitting foundation for an ambitious plan to transform mankind’s realization of its future. This may be one of the only times in history when people settled in an area where they first had to provide for all the essentials of human existence including water, the means to create shelter and the ability to grow any type of food. On that hot day in 1968, a caravan of 5,000 people from 124 countries around the globe could be seen approaching on dusty roads as far as the eye could see. Here, where nothing grew and no one lived, they gathered to commence the experiment known as Auroville, literally the “City of Dawn”.

AurovilleUnity Through Diversity:
Today Auroville is 2,000 people from a multitude of social and religious backgrounds, choosing to live together not by conforming to an accepted normalcy, but through embracing their differences. This is the uniqueness that is Auroville – achieving unity through diversity. It is this quality that most embodies their role as an example to the world. The Aurovillians have undertaken incredible initiatives including extensive use of solar energy, an emphasis on organic farming and the positive influence they have with the impoverished villages that surround them and have evolved as a shining living example of The Mothers Dream.

Auroville Charter
Auroville belongs to nobody in particular.MAtriMandir2
Auroville belongs to humanity as a whole.
But to live in Auroville, one must be the willing servitor of the Divine Consciousness.
Auroville will be the place of an unending education,
of constant progress, and a youth that never ages.
Auroville wants to be the bridge between the past and the future. Taking advantage of all discoveries from without and from within, Auroville will boldly spring towards future realisations.
Auroville will be a site of material and spiritual researches for a living embodiment of an actual Human Unity.

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