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Introduction to Sri Aurobindo and his work…

new dawn

I become what I see in myself. All that thought suggests to me, I can do; all that thought reveals in me, I can become. This should be man’s unshakable faith in himself, because God dwells in him.
–Sri Aurobindo

Sri Aurobindo the philosopher, Sri Aurobindo the poet – which he was in essence – and the visionary of evolution; but not everybody is a philosopher or a poet, much less a seer. Yet would we not be content if he gave us a way to believe in our own possibilities, not only our human but our superhuman and divine possibilities, and a way not only to believe in them but to discover them ourselves, step by step, to see and become vast, as vast as the earth we love and all the lands and all the seas we hold within us.

For there is Sri Aurobindo the explorer – who was also a yogi, but did he not say that Yoga is the art of conscious self-finding? It is this exploration of consciousness that we would like to undertake with him. And if we proceed calmly, patiently, with sincerity, bravely facing the difficulties on the road – and God knows it is rocky enough – there is no reason why the window should not one day open and let the sunshine in forever. In reality, it is not one but several windows that open one after another, each time onto a broader expanse, a new dimension of our kingdom, and each time it means a change of consciousness as radical as, say, passing from sleep to the waking state. We will follow here the main stages of these changes of consciousness, as Sri Aurobindo experienced them and described them to his disciples in his integral yoga, up to the point where they take us to the threshold of a new, still unknown experience that will perhaps have the power to change life.

For Sri Aurobindo is not only the explorer of consciousness, he is the builder of a new world. Indeed, what is the point of changing our consciousness if the world around us remains as it is? We would be like Andersen’s emperor walking naked through the streets of his capital. Thus, after exploring the outermost frontiers of worlds not unknown to ancient wisdom, Sri Aurobindo discovered another world, as yet unmapped, which he called Supermind or Supramental, and which he sought to pull down upon earth. He invites us to pull a little with him and to take part in a beautiful story, if we like one. For the Supermind, Sri Aurobindo tells us, brings a decisive change in the evolution of the earth-consciousness that will have the power to transform our material world, and to do so as thoroughly and lastingly as, and hopefully better than, the Mind did when it first appeared in Matter. We will see, then, how the integral yoga leads to a supramental yoga, or yoga of terrestrial transformation, which we will try to outline – outline only because the story is still in the making, it is quite new and arduous, and we do not yet know very well where it will take us or even if it will succeed.  That, after all, depends a little on all of us.

–by Satprem

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  1. in theory it is easy on our part to think and act with our active normal mind to give a better shape of our life but unless we sincerely invokes mothers power and make room within us her role to play our material bondage must not cease.

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