The teachings of Sri Aurobindo are very profound in nature and it is advisable for beginners to go through the following volumes. These suggested readings would give a simpler and better insight into the writings of Sri Aurobindo and Mother, which give a comprehensive understanding of the nature of evolution. The practical understanding of the significance of human life and the necessity for spiritual practices to enrich our lives with happiness and bliss can be gleaned through the study of Integral Yoga.

Books for Beginners

  • Sunlit Path
  • Bases Of Yoga
  • The Mother
  • Practice of Integral Yoga
  • Living Within, Growing Within, Powers Within, Psychic Being
  • Books by M P Pandit – Commentaries on the Mothers Ministries
  • Health and Healing in Yoga
  • Thoughts and Aphorisms
  • Hour of God
  • Books by Georges van Vrekham – Beyond Man, Patterns of the Present
  • Champaklal’s Treasures

Books on Sri Aurobindo’s Philosophy & Yoga

  • Life Divine
  • Synthesis of Yoga
  • Essays on the Gita
  • Savitri
  • Prayers and Meditations by Mother
  • Hymns To The Mystic Fire
  • The Secret Of The Veda
  • The Upanishads

Books by

Sri Aurobindo : For detailed list please visit.

The Mother    : For detailed list please visit.

Disciples        : For detailed list please visit.

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