YOGA OF SELF-PERFECTION-Interactive Workshop Jan 7th At Bhavan

Would like to invite you to this special workshop by a eminent Professor of Philosophy

you can watch his video on upanishad n gita click the url

and read about  him here

Please read on and forward to like minded people who are interested in spiritual study

Thank you – in the service of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo


Musheerabad Cross Roads, Hyderabad-500048

Call to register Tel:27615401 & 9391043501            Email:

INVITES YOU to a day-long open interactive WORKSHOP

from 10:00 AM  to  6:00 PM with suitable breaks,

on Saturday the 7th January, 2012





Conducted by

Dr. Debashish Banerji

Professor of Cultural History & Philosophy & Dean of Academic Affairs,

University of Philosophical Research, Los Angeles, U.S.A.


Venue: Meditation Hall of the Society.

Sri Aurobindo’s own yoga sadhana was based on a seven-pronged system of transformative practice (sapta chatusthaya) which he used to organize his experiments with consciousness in his diaries. By considering these seven quartets of transformation, one can arrive at a systematic program for the practice of the Integral Yoga. This workshop will provide a synoptic view of these seven limbs with the four “perfections” or siddhis which each of these aims to establish, and consider the practices involved in each of these limbs.


                     1.Admission is free and open to all literate men & women of all ages.

         2.Lunch, tea and other refreshments will be provided to all participants

                     at the venue during the day.

3.Interested participants are requested to register themselves by calling

                    the above-mentioned telephone numbers on or before 3rd



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