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The Hindu Metro Plus Hyderabad Published on Monday 03- May-2010

All life is yoga 

Sri Aurobindo Society, Hyderabad, celebrating its centenary this year, is an oasis of peace

Photo: G. Krishnaswamy

Inner space The tranquil surroundings of the bhavan.

You could have passed the busy Musheerabad crossroads numerous times and missed the Sri Aurobindo Bhavan, inconspicuously tucked away much like an oasis in a dessert. This centre, founded in 1972 by Dadaji, a direct disciple of Sri Aurobindo, houses Hyderabad’s Sri Aurobindo Society (SAS). Once inside the greenery and quiet provide a peaceful ambience with a Samadi , a tranquil meditation hall and a library rich in the works of the great poet, philosopher and revolutionary mystic.

SAS, started with the intention of spreading the teachings of Sri Aurobindo and Mother, is open to all and one of six centres in A.P. One of the key thoughts of Sri Aurobindo is that ‘man is an evolutionary being’ and that ‘mind is not the last summit’ and that ‘all life is yoga’. This is a path of affirmative spirituality that accepts all facets of life and focuses on transforming and sublimating them. Hence all activities of SAS are geared towards evolution of consciousness.

The Bhavan is abuzz on dharshan days which are special days in the year when the premises is tastefully decorated and activities such as meditations, lectures and video screenings are held. SAS has a Women’s Wing that trains women and girls from less privileged backgrounds in tailoring and embroidery and conducts art workshops for children.

The youth wing holds weekly readings of Sri Aurobindo’s works and enlightening discussions in English and Telugu focus on helping individuals face everyday challenges. Workshops for the youth are held both at the Society and at educational institutions. “It is our aim to empower the youth with the different aspects of Sri Auribindo’s thought that are strikingly relevant to the various dimensions of our life and society today,” says Srinivas Mulugu, youth activities coordinator.

It was on April 4, 1910 that Sri Aurobindo reached the city of Pondicherry from Calcutta, a significant journey that was prompted by an Inner calling. To mark this event Centenary celebrations are being held through the year worldwide. The first of the events at Hyderabad was the play ‘Tryst with God’ staged to an appreciative audience on Sunday by students of the Sri Aurobindo International School.

SAS invites people from all walks of life to benefit from the valuable teachings of Sri Aurobindo and welcomes volunteers to join in their work. For information call 2761 5401, email to register for adult and youth camps.



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