Youth Group: Summary-11/Nov/09 Session

The youth group session conducted by Srinivas  started off with Srinivas sharing with every one about his earlier visit to one of the Shaktipeets in Kurnool, the Jogabmamba temple in Alampur which may be now completely under water due to the recent floods. The Topics taken up for discussion from the Words of the Mother were on Radha & Krishna and Religion and Occultism.

The answer to the question why Krishna is represented always in the child form was that Krishna represents the continuous progress of the humanity. Later on Srinivas explained the relevance of the Hindu mythologies and how  at each stage in life say at 10, then in 20’s and 30s’they are to be reread and reunderstood with greater maturity. He also said the  good and evil in each of the characters represented in the Mahabharata have to be debated upon and understood in the right perspective.

On the topic of technology smsing and social networking such as facebook are influencing todays youth, the discussion turned towards whether these technologies are a forerunner of an emerging world of superconsciousness where we are all one interconnected single being (Gaia) as depicted by Isaac Asimov in the Foundation. Many followers of Sri Aurobindo are surprised by Asimovs foundation series and wonder whether he was inspired by Sri Aurobindo as the one of characters he depicts has close resemblence to Sri Aurobindo. It is also wondered if he based his whole concept of Gaia – which is a single interconnected collective consciousness – where when a single person thinks the thought reverberates in the minds off all the beings on earth, so that it becomes one single entity is inspired by the superconsciousness and theories of Sri Aurobindo.
Next in answer to Harshitas question about the difference between religion and spirituality Srinivas explained that
while religion is more of custom and rituals but also has its final destination as realising the divine, spirituality is the conscious effort to develop oneself to realise the divine while it need not lean towards a particular religion to realise the divine. 

Later an approach to reading and group meeting was quoted from the book an Early chapter in Mothers Life by M.P.Pandit. Mother had said that according to a Chaldean tradition if 12 sincere aspirants pray sincerely the Divine Inner flame can be realised. Also how our thoughts create and bring forth entities or beings that aim to realise the objective of the thought and how group meditation or aspirations can create a more powerful entity was discussed.

The discussion then turned towards the group meditation which is planned on Fridays between 7-8 pm. Update on the Friday meditation session will be posted asap.


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