Talk by Sri. Anadi Charan Swain, State Organiser, Orissa

Sri. Anadi Charan Swain the State Organiser of Sri Aurobindo Study Circle Association in Orissa was iIMG_0266nvited by the Musheerabad Sri Aurobindo Center for a talk and an interactive session. Here is a brief account of the gathering.

 As a part of the Sunday (20-Sept-09) youth group session we had the opportunity to meet people who live the words of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. It was very inspiring to know and understand the phenomenal work done in Orissa and how Sri Anadiji and the group lead by him have reached the remotest of villages in Orissa to spread the message of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother.

 Sri Anadiji shared with us his experiences in his work and how they bring together small but effective group of 6-7 dedicated people together to establish a Study circle. He also shared some of his experiences while travelling the deep IMG_0270Jungles of Orissa and how when he was face to face with a huge wild elephant he had prayed to the Mother and instantly felt the protection, intuition and calmness required to face the situation and slowly backed a few steps before breaking into a run and thus saving his life all the while the elephant quietly watching him though at a striking distance.

 Though outwardly very simple Sri Anadiji seemed to be the embodiment of true aspiration and it was clear he was living the principles taught by the Mother and applying them in daily life. The depth of his answers as he patiently answered the various questions asked by the young and aspiring sadhaks proved that his knowledge was a living one.

 For example when asked how one distinguishes between the divine will and ones own will- he replied as follows: IMG_0271Divine will is clear, certain and resolute without any wavering or inner contradiction while individual will is unsure, hesitant and vacillating. He also answered many more questions about how to keep the faith in the Mother and how surrender overcomes all obstacles in the path of Sadhana.

 In all the session was a great inspiration and because people like Anadiji are living the principles taught by the Mother and applying them in daily life there is always much to learn from them.


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